Veteran Services

Veterans Proudly Serving Veterans

When ADVA was first formed in 1923, our mission was to connect state and federal benefits to Arkansas Veterans and their eligible dependents.

While today the scope of ADVA has grown, we proudly carry on the tradition of our core “ADVAcacy” mission through our VSO network. We are honored to serve our fellow Arkansas Veterans by continuing to connect them to the local, state, and federal services they have earned.

Veteran Service Officer Network

As of Jan 05 2018

In 2015, we implemented our first ever Strategic Plan with our number one goal to "increase the overall effectiveness of the Veteran Service Officer (VSO) program”. We are forward deploying the VSOs into nine new districts across the state, and creating a formalized training and accreditation program to increase VSO effectiveness at the state and county levels. The District Veteran Service Officers’ primary responsibility is to provide direct support to the County Veteran Service Officers. The District Veteran Service Officers will also facilitate Veteran District Advocacy Teams (VDAT) to help fill gaps in service utilizing local private/public partnerships, and are available to provide casework assistance to Veterans by appointment.

How's My County?

Check the current status of your county Veteran service officer's accreditation:

current as of Jan 5 2018

State Veteran Service Officer

Gina Chandler

Gina Chandler served in the U.S. Air Force in 1990-1992. Since 2008, Gina has served Veterans as a Veterans service officer for the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs. In 2012, she was promoted to the Outreach Coordinator and in 2015 she became the first State Veteran Service Officer.